Does Your Company Have an SEO Strategy?

seo strategyI don’t know about you but I know some smart people who are making great income leveraging the power of the internet and especially with SEO strategy and social media engagement. I know this because many of them are my clients. There seems to be two types of business men and women these days.

The first sees the writing on the wall and even though they may not be the most tech savvy person in the world they know that the internet is the wave of the future and are willing to invest a fair amount of time and energy into real results. These are realists on one hand but on the other hand they are men and women of action and they will notice real results in the long term or they will fire me. This does not happen. The other type of business person is sitting on the sidelines perhaps somewhat technophobic and not sure who to trust in this super frenzy of internet hype and activity. These are the truly hard sells and helping them understand the realities of internet marketing is the hardest and most important aspect of our job as an Internet marketing and SEO strategy firm. But to these clients I must also be firm. Small budgets garner small results and mounting a real internet marketing strategy is a lot of work.

The successful companies are ones who know they must compete to survive and to this end they hire a company like World Reach SEO and I sit them down and I tell them what I will tell you now. SEO and search engine marketing is hard and technically challenging work and the hardest and most difficult period for both sides is the beginning of the relationship. For the client who is used to running an ad in the post and getting phone calls the idea of a 3-6 month lag time before they start seeing rankings and real results can often be a bitter pill to swallow. However this is the reality of organic search engine rankings.

marketing strategyYes there are methods that make the phone ring faster and yes we are great at these methods as well. But far and away statistics show that people place their most confidence(as measured by clicks) in those first five businesses that show up in their search results while they are sitting in their underwear in Timbuktu Alaska  searching for a Costa Rica Vacation. Take heart folks the things people search for are changing every day so if you think that it’s already wrapped up then you are gravely mistaken. Did you know that 20-25% of Google searches every single day are brand new? 1 in 4 search queries have never been typed in the history of the search engine – every single day. This is an amazing statistic that truly is hard to grasp. What it lends is hope to anyone feeling like it is too late to get in the game. Far from it we have only just begun. Just as a teaser add this statistic to the fact that foreign language search competition (businesses vying for terms) is 3-5 years behind the English version and strangely Spanish is spoken more than English. You get my gist. As I said the writing is on the wall.

The SEO must do most of the heavy lifting at the beginning of the relationship. Any good SEO strategy begins with thorough and meaningful industry research. It is impossible to identify the client and how the client might be using the internet to find your business without understanding the business inside and out. For the SEO the end result of this research is to come up with a set of key phrases that the paying client might be using to find your business. At the beginning of a good SEO strategy these keywords must be tested as guesswork is for dummies. Testing includes using tools like Adwords and Google analytics, along with advanced tracking tools to actually see if these are the key phrases that turn into the actual clients. This is called conversion testing. Web traffic must ultimately “convert” into clients than one must adjust the keyword strategy until its right.

Of course great experience gives experienced SEO’s an edge in getting into the heads of potential clients. The point is SEO is labor intensive in the front end of the relationship, testing and research takes time.  Companies like mine take the industry research seriously and spend vast amounts of time getting it right. But this is in the client’s best interest in the long run. There is no question but that every business, local or multinational must get into the game and develop an SEO strategy for their business to remain competitive over time. Consulting with a company that is willing to go over the realities of what it takes to succeed is the company you want. The company that says it will devise your internet strategy and do the job for a couple hundred dollars a month is lying to you.  You are throwing your money away. The job simply cannot be done right without the true investment of time and energy.

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