How to Start Using WordPress

WordpressWordPress is the most intelligent and well-built user friendly software tool frequently used for personal publishing systems, managing websites, blogging and much more. Since its establishment in 2001, the high demand of wordpress is due to its cutting edge technology, it has been catering diversified business needs and web solutions online. For a beginner, wordpress may look difficult but you can easily learn how to use wordpress through tons of online tutorials and even wordpress official websites.

Step by step tutorial for getting started:

A step by step plan to learn how to use wordpress is given below which helps you in getting on the right track well before time in an interesting and informational way. Follow the sequential steps and don’t miss out on any or disturb the sequence leading to inconvenience.

Step 1:

Step one is simply nothing more than reading the documentation provided with the wordpress. It is always considered the best to use and read between the information provided in the handbook online with the product. As the source of information is authentic and synchronized with that of the version of product, online handbook is a must. Few of the most important documentation that you need to read prior to spending your time and energy in installing wordpress includes:

  • What is wordpress?
  • About wordpress
  • How wordpress helps in blogging?
  • WordPress plugins
  • WordPress features
  • WordPress themes
  • How to install wordpress?

Step 2:

After reading the instructions on how to install wordpress, you can easily learn how to use wordpress followed by step two which is making a plan. Consider all the flow charts and techniques that you need to administer in your website. Making a plan is significant to using wordpress on your own site. Consider reading the following critical points and include them to your list of plan.

  • Checking and verification of website host requirements
  • Checking and verification of PHP and MySQL versions and their compatibility with your site
  • WordPress newer versions compatibility with your web host and verified
  • Password and username of your admin area
  • Text editing software
  • Compatibility of your web browser

Step 3:

Step three is all about installing the wordpress. Taking into account the above given information and assessing you plan’s vitality, you install the wordpress.

Step 4:

This step includes considering information on wordpress setup. As installation is completed, a setup appears on the desktop and you can go through the setup the way you want making it fully customizable. The administration screens guide will help you in selecting and finding different features. For creating user profile, you can go through users> user profile settings. For managing and editing posts, see Posts in the Administration tab. For adding pages as Home, About, Contact Us, etc; see Pages in Administration tab. You select the “add on” for the wordpress plugins you want to have which is available in the admin front. Find the themes in Administration tab for the appearance and look of you website.

This easy guide on learn how to use wordpress will surely turn out to be productive for you

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