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magento2 We can’t forget times when we were looking forward Magento 2 release and we were full of excitement when it happened. The Magento Family have done its best to award its members with a good and proficient made product.

As compared to the first Magento version, Magento 2 has a number of some considerable changes. So it’s not surprising Magento users are in trouble a little bit when they try to switch to the second Magento. But what file and folder permissions here can be considered acceptable? And what way should be selected for files and folders permissions for Magento 2 extensions to configure?

The following scheme offered may be considered reasonable. How many permissions do catalogs have? The answer is 770. All of them give an opportunity to implement a total control exceptionally to the owner and the group (recording, reading and operating). How many permissions do files have? The reality is files own 660 permissions. It means that the owner and the group are able to read and write, but it doesn’t concern other users.

Related to the owner of Magento file system some circumstances should be considered. As an obligatory condition, the owner should have a total control of all the files and catalogs (recording, reading and operating). The next note is he/she shouldn’t be a web-server user. His/her status is ‘other user’. The user of web-service should be entitled to write an access to the var app/ect pub files. Besides, web-server group should possess Magento file system to make it’s possible for Magento group members to use access to the files via web-server simultaneously. Here we mean files created by Magento admin or other utilities. This is a piece of useful information. As we hope the way to folder permissions for Magento extensions have become more available and simpler to implement. Another Magento extension we should mention is a Magento Reward Points extension.

And this time we also would like to present an exhaustive answer related to custom options for Magento extensions to create. The first thing we should mark custom options to offer is a smart idea and those vendors who try to implement this functionality will be surely awarded. Custom options play a significant role in a simple store stock control especially. The following path is recommended to use to switch on custom options for Magento extensions:

  • Apply the ‘Admin Panel – Products – Catalog’ path;
  • The ‘Open Product’ to click on;
  • The ‘Customizable Options’ to add;
  • ‘Add Option’ to click on.

The ‘Add Value’ button allows to add price and its type, SKU. But for more product values it’s needed to continue the ‘Add Value’ button to choose. The ‘Add Option’ button affords title, option title, input title to add. And finally the ‘Save’ button is clicked and a page is refreshed.  Well done, friend! You are a successful owner of custom options for Magento extensions. But please note that now we are talking about Magento 2 version.

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